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Bryan Graham, MPT

Bryan Graham, MPT

Bryan has specific interest in the assessment and treatment of runners and cyclists and their associated injuries. The office is equipped with a 3 camera computer assisted motion analysis system to help Bryan assess and break down the runner’s form to help treat and prevent injuries as well as improve performance. Bryan brings several years of experience running a biomechanics lab at a major university and has published and presented several research studies on walking and running gait on a national level. Bryan also has a specialty in foot and ankle biomechanics and rehab and foot orthotic fabrication and does the fabrication in office. In addition to his training as a Physical Therapist, Bryan carries a BS degree in Sports Medicine and Masters in Exercise Physiology with a dual focus on cardia medicine and biomechanics.

Bryan is the sole provider in the office and delivers one on one care to the patient on each visit. In addition to the traditional physical therapy techniques, Bryan is also trained in Osteopathic Manual Techniques and uses a hands on approach as a large part of the patient care. These technique include; Strain and Counterstrain, Muscle Energy Techniques, Cranioscaral techniques and Osteopathic mobilization. These techniques help Bryan restore normal alignment and fucntion to the spine and other joints. Bryan’s focus is to get to the root of a problem and fix it; not just treat the symptoms.

Recently, Oceanside Physical Therapy has added the Alter G Anti-Gravtiy Treadmill to assist patient rehab faster and in a pain free environment. The treadmill was designed with NASA technology and uses high pressure air to reduce the patient’s body weight one percentage at a time up to 80%. This is useful in the treatment of many post surgical conditions to help restore normal movement patterns quicker than with traditional therapy techniques. In addition, the Alter G can be used by non-injured athletes to increase their training volume without risk of injury. What was once only available to professional athletes is now available at Oceanside Physical Therapy, Inc to treat anyone!

On a personal note, Bryan has been an active runner for over 30 years and has competed at various levels of mountain bike and road cycling and has 12 years of experience playing and coaching soccer at the high school and college level. Bryan lives locally and had a beautiful wife and lovely daughter.